Idaho politics--what more can we say about them other than the fact that they're always heated and a little peculiar? So often, the only reason that Idaho is making national headlines is because of politics. Whether it be over proposed legislation, controversial political figures, or a social event (or catastrophe) that wouldn't fly in other places.

Ahead of an issue soon to take to Idaho ballots, the Idaho Republican Party is brining in a guest speaker--to speak out against said ballot measure.

It is no secret that Idaho is a "red state"--the Republican party is dominant but these days, divided. What was considered to be conservative or "republican" 5 years ago is now viewed as socialism and this new wave of "Republicans" continue to gain traction in our state--and even pressure traditional members of the Idaho GOP to follow their lead "or else" in some instances.

Just a number of weeks ago, Idaho's radical Republicans brought in Kari Lake--former Governor of Arizona and "election denier" to speak to Idaho.  Many believed that Lake was an odd wagon for the Idaho GOP to tie itself too--but nonetheless, the event took place.

Now, the Idaho GOP is bringing former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin to Idaho to speak against "ranked choice voting"

In a statement released by the far-right  Idaho GOP chairwoman, it was said:

Ranked-choice voting, while touted by the Left as a solution to enhance elections, is actually a confusing and chaotic reform being pushed by liberal activists to fundamentally change our elections. Instead of the straightforward act of selecting a single candidate, ranked-choice voting demands that voters rank candidates in order of preference, conjuring a convoluted dance of preferences that can easily lead to unintended outcomes.

Many polls in Idaho show that there may be some bipartisan appeal to the movement, however, as voting in Idaho can be confusing to some. In short, unless you're a registered Republican in Idaho--there's no voting in their primary, which many believe is an auto-selection of who will win the general election later in the year.

Palin was best known during her run as VP alongside John McCain--she emerged as someone that never stuck to the script and often said wacky things from the podium.

"I can see Russia from my house" may be Palin's most famous quote--but fun fact: she never actually said that. The quote came from a viral Saturday Night Live skit, where Palin was played by Tina Fey.

Learn more about open primaries, HERE.

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