Everyone knows the Fourth of July can easily turn into a day of drinking to excess. Being that I was fortunate enough to DJ at the Yacht Club in McCall this fourth, I kept myself in check knowing I had a long night of mixing ahead of me. I was especially looking forward to this night because I had managed to snag something I had wanted basically since forever- a pair of fire engine red, limited edition Beats One Studio headphones.

It was literally the last pair at the store- it was meant to be. These headphones were burning a hole in my pocket I was so looking forward to trying them out that night. Now, I'm no newbie to the bar scene. I've had my glory days and been a "weekend warrior" more times than I care to admit. I get it. You're out with friends, and before you know it you're six shots in and yelling "woo!" in the bar without a care in the world. There was definitely a lot of this going on fairly early in the night- it was Fourth of July after all.

About 10 pm a stumbling blonde graced the bar with her presence. She was hard to miss- dancing like her life depended on it and making sure everyone knew she was there to "turn up." (Her words, not mine!) She eventually made her way to the DJ booth. "Play Justin Bieber!" She yelled. I just nodded and kept going with my current playlist. About 10 minutes later, she approached again. "PLAY JUSTIN BIEBER." She demanded. Again, I kinda brushed her off. In my opinion, no one in the bar wanted to hear Justin Bieber. Sorry... not sorry. And I presumed with my playlist. She wandered back into the crowd and I figured, at the rate she was going, she would probably be heading home sooner than later.

I could not have been more wrong.

Now, going back to my whole "I'm not a newbie" to the bar scene statement. I knew people would be getting wild on this night, so I had strategically barricaded myself in the DJ booth so that drunk people would leave me be. Apparently, I underestimated the willpower of a 21-year-old on the fourth of July. Just as I was mixing into my next song, I felt a hand yank the back of my shirt with such force I was pulled back. It was the Justin Bieber girl!!! She had forced her way through my barricade, and, after surprising me, was pounding her pointer finger on my keyboard to look up her song without my permission. I could feel the heat start to rise from my neck up to my ears as I began to fume at the audacity this girl had. "NO." I said. "YOU can NOT be back here!" She ignored me. "HEY!!" I said, getting louder. I yelled for the security. This got her attention. She began to whine how it wasn't fair I didn't play her song and spout off about what a bad DJ I was for it. As she turned to go, (not before she gave me the "L" sign) she TRIPPED OVER MY BRAND NEW HEADPHONE CHORD. And... they broke. Yes, the figment of my imagination become short-lived reality where I briefly owned these limited edition headphones slipped away from me in that moment.

My red Beats One Studio headphones were snapped. I spent the rest of my weekend Djing without any headphones at all. Thankfully, I know how to do that. Note to self: leave my fancy headphones at home next time!

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