It has been just over a year since I was last at the DMV and I think that I'm still scared from the experience.  With my birthday coming up I figured sure, I'll get ahead of all of this noise, get the Star Card so that I can fly, and avoid any stressful hassle. I woke up early, drove to the DMV over an hour before the even opened, anticipating the massive wait time that I had seen in the news time and time again, only to pull up to 50+ like minded people already in line ahead of me. THAT is how bad the drivers licensing process here in the Treasure Valley has been lately.

Months ago, the Ada County Sheriff's Office announced that they would be opening up a second location which would REALLY alleviate the crowd at the one single location off of Franklin Road in Boise.

While that second location isn't open yet, it IS getting closer and I think it is fair to say we're all anxious to see this open. Just this week, the Ada County Sheriff's Office announced that they have tentatively chosen a location for this second DMV and now some wheels are in motion. Yet to be measured by the Sheriff is the cost and they're hoping the space will be able to hold over 150 people. Franklin Road and Linder is the projected neighborhood for this location.

We'll keep our fingers crossed for this second location to open up real soon--until then, keep planning for your drivers licensing needs WELL in advance.

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