It's one of the hidden gems in the Gem State. The Boise Green Belt. Chances are if your reading this, you've walked, ran, or biked the 25-mile path at least once. I'll use it as an alternative way to bike to work when the weather is nice or to take a walk to clear my head before my show (BTW 3p-7p) During my 10 years here in the city of trees, I've never felt uncomfortable or unsafe on the GreenBelt. But as our grows so does the crime, and thanks to a shooting on the Greenbelt this evening that has left one person injured, I'm left asking myself, is the Greenbelt still safe?

1 injured, 1 arrested after shooting on Boise Greenbelt
Boise Police said in a Twitter post that the shooting happened at about 7 p.m. on the Greenbelt between Veterans Memorial Parkway and Whitewater Park Boulevard.

As of the time of this post, there is no word on the condition of the victim. As a father, one of the reasons I'm so fond of Boise is because of its safety. I hope that doesn't start to vanish.

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