Recently I visited a bar in Meridian, Idaho that allowed smoking inside. Considering Boise City Council passed a smoking ban in 2011, and being that I don't venture out to Meridian often- I found this to be a bit of a shock. I am not a smoker. It's never been my thing, but I've never cared much if a friend of mine does. However when I entered the establishment that allowed smoking inside I was completely overpowered by the smell. Still not trying to be the lame guy that can't hang, I continued making my way to the bar. I began to look around and noticed literally every occupied bar stool had someone sitting in it with a lit cigarette. After about 25 minutes of being inside, I actually had to leave. I could feel my eyes start to water from all the heavy smoke and haze! I may as well have been smoking a cigarette myself at that point. I wondered how the bartenders got through their shifts at the rate of thick smoke inside. This got me on to thinking about the Boise City Council ban. Smoking is absolutely horrendous for you, and most smokers tend to smoke even more when they drink. In many ways, the smoking ban in Boise is probably helping a few people out. Not saying that banning smoking inside the downtown bars is going to help anyone quit, but it's a handful of cigarettes less a month one may smoke on a night out. What are your thoughts? Do you miss the old days? Should Boise lift the non-smoking ban and allow what is for many an inseparable vice?

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