I'm pretty sure one of my close friends was born on a motorcycle. Jesse rides his motorcycles year round. Rain, snow, hail, hundred degree temperatures it doesn't matter Jesse rides his bike to work. I think he said there was 3 days last year when he actually drove his truck to work due to extreme weather. Needless to say he along with many others riders in the Treasure valley think lane splitting should be legal in Idaho. What is lane splitting?

According to the State of California’s AB-51, , lane splitting is now legally defined as, a ‘motorcycle ridden between rows of stopped or moving vehicles in the same lane including on both divided and undivided streets, roads, or highways.’

Imagine yourself driving on the freeway and as the traffic starts to slow down you see a motorcycle speeding past cars while splitting the lane. The car in front of you starts to merge into the right lane and the motorcycle is going too fast to stop. The bike hits the rear of the car, you witness the bikes rear tire raise up about 6 feet up in the air and both the driver and passenger go flying into the roof of the car they just hit from behind.

I witnessed this exact scenario in California and this is why I think lane splitting should be illegal in Idaho. Motorcycles are hard enough to see in traffic, lane splitting puts them in blind spots why would we encourage that? My friend Jesse will tell you different but I'm really curious to see what you think?

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