Should these two Boise girls be on the football team? Is that even a question that should run through anyone's mind in 2021? Sometime ago I read a book about great salesmen  (don't ask why) while the book was informational there was one thing that I walked away with, and it was this... "You can't sell Joe Brown what Joe Brown buys unless you can see through Joe Browns eyes". For me the lesson was very simple... if you don't have the ability to put yourself is another persons shoes you will never understand their perspective. My point is that if there is someone out there questioning whether or not girls / women should play organized co-ed football, they should first put themselves in the girl shoes or even better the parents shoes.

What if you're a guys guy, a football fanatic, a guy that gets married and has a daughter whom you raise your to be a football fan. She basically lives in front of the TV every Sunday and when she gets into Jr.High she tries out for the football team and makes it. Are you going to tell her to not play?

I don't know the exact story or motivation behind Riverglen's Payton Wedeking and Sophia Bothen but I personally applaud them for pursuing their passion and making the football team.

"They’re taking on a new challenge and really it kind of sums up what all of us are doing right now with overcoming some adversity and getting through you know the challenges that we’ve had," said Riverglen Athletic Director, Marc Lannan in a KIVI TV interview.

Am I way off base here? Should organized football be reserved for boys / men only? And if you believe so, please share your thoughts so I can see it through your pair eyes.


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