The "big day" has passed. All of the family has flown back home.  The dress is hanging up in the back of the closet and the top half of the cake is covered in plastic wrap in the freezer. The wedding is over and married life has officially begun.

My wife Lacey and I were engaged for the better part of two years before we made it official. We had plenty of time to adapt to each other before we got married, even raising our daughter Phoenyx. So, not much changed after the big "I Do" except for one thing. My ring.

I love my ring! I represents me perfectly. It's very unique and literally out of this world.  Half 18k gold half meteor. That's right, forget tungsten. I rock a space rock.

Every night before I go to bed, I place the ring in a special holder next to the bathroom sink. As I put it down I whisper to myself, "your ring is in the holder" so I don't forget where I've left it.

Now, the problem. Since I've gone over thirty years without wearing a ring, I am not in the habit of remembering it in the morning.  I usually wake up, eat, and head to work only to realize half way through the day that I forgot it at home. I do not do this on purpose. I do not want to do this. I usually drop what I'm doing, drive home and get it.

Friend's have suggested not taking it off at night and sleeping with it on. I don't know if I want to do that yet.

So, do you sleep with your ring on? What habits have you developed to ensure you don't forget your wedding ring?


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