Are you one of the lucky people that grabbed a snow shovel and some ice melt before Snowpocalypse descended on the Treasure Valley? Then your neighbors could sure use your help right now!

It's been more than 30 years since the Treasure Valley has seen this much snow and there's more snow on the way.  We could see another 2-5 inches of snow before Wednesday morning.  That means your neighbors who don't have a shovel or have physical conditions keeping them from shoveling could really use some help digging out their vehicles, mailboxes, etc!

That's why WebMarkets Boise launched their "Shovel Up Boise" web page.  It allows people in need of help to sign up with their first name, address and what they need done.  If you're able to help, simply show up at the home, do the task and fill in the "tell us who helped" section.  The site managers will then mark the task as completed.

Ready to help? Click HERE to "shovel the love!"

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