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Phone Jibba: Car Talk
Rick calls up a car dealership and asks for help deciphering the “fast talk” legalese at the end of their radio commercial.
Friday Faves: New Music Friday 7/12
Birthday edition! Your birthday only happens on a Friday once every seven years, which means you're only blessed with a birthday edition of New Music Friday essentially once a decade.

Power Outage Impacts Over 15,000 Friday In Eagle and Star
This isn't how you wanna wake up on a Friday morning. Looks like approximately 15,000 have been impacted by Eagle power outage this morning.
We've been following this and getting alerts from our traffic center. We got a call from our friend Marcus who is having a hard time this morning beca…
Reflecting Back on 30 on the Eve of 31
There's so many things that make us automatically reflect back on different times in our lives. 'Memories' on Facebook that bring us back to this day five years ago, songs in our playlist that make you think about that breakup you were going through in 2011 and you had "Take Care…
Phone Jibba: Loud Pet Eater
Rick calls Michelle to ask her if she has a pig in her apartment because the neighbors are complaining about loud eating noises coming from her place.
Phone Jibba: Pause the Movie
Rick calls the box office of a local movie theater and tell them he's alone in theater 8 and wants them to pause the movie so he can use the restroom. It’s URGENT!
The World's Highest Paid Entertainers 2019
Something about how extravagant and rich some celebrities are intrigues me. Wondering what life would be like if you literally never checked a price tag?! It's what makes me want to watch the Kardashians. Seeing how lavish of lives they live! So when Forbes puts out their lists, I always read. …