What's going on?

Local Cider Room is Closing
In a time when Boise and our Treasure Valley is booming, we're used to seeing more and more businesses pop up. In fact, especially in Boise, it's like a new brewery, bar, pub, or cider house is coming to town every week! Boise loves their local brews...
#KatFished: Episode 41- Cecilia vs EJ
EJ is a truck driver so he's on the road for days at a time. Cecilia popped up one day to surprise him and found a scrunchie in his truck. He says it was from a hitchhiker he picked up to help out, but is he doing more than pick up strangers?

Phone Jibba: Coke Can Ashes
Rick calls Kate at the landfill and tells her he needs them to help find his grandpas ashes, which his housekeeper accidentally threw out. They were in a Coke Can!
Nas at the Rev Last Night
Okay Nas is obviously an icon, but for some reason about 8,317 people declined going to the show with me last night. Who doesn't want to see Nas in Boise on a Sunday night in a small intimate venue?! Crazy.