Over the weekend, news struck late at night that a suspect was on the run after shooting an Ada County Sheriff's Office deputy during a routine traffic stop. Hours later, the community learned that the deputy did not survive--and for the first time in the history of the Ada County Sheriff's Office, an officer was killed in the line of duty.

Here in the Treasure Valley, we're lucky to live in a place that is relatively safe. Sure, crime can happen from time to time but we are overwhelmingly safe in the area and we always seem to look out for one another.

Idahoans across the state are heartbroken over the tragedy and now, many local businesses are stepping up in big ways to support the family and our local law enforcement.

One local business, in particular, is going all out to support the family of Deputy Tobin Bolter.

Perhaps you've heard of Sid's Garage-- a popular burger joint in the Treasure Valley that is known for big gourmet burgers and even larger milkshakes.

According to the restaurant, all of their locations are going to be giving all--that is 100%--of their proceeds from burgers sold to the family of Tobin Bolter. That is a serious act of generosity.

This Sunday, more than any, seems to be the perfect time to drop in, grab a burger, and use a family outing or date night as an excuse to help a really great cause while supporting a local business as well.

Learn more about the popular burger spot, Sid's Garage, HERE.

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