What's going on?

Ban Michael Jackson Music or Nah?
Just recently, the Oregon Museum of Science cancelled a laser show with his music and radio stations from Canada to New Zealand are banning his music.
Boise Citizens, Keeping It Green!
So after a lot of online research and connecting to people on social media, Laura reached out to the North End Boise Co-Op to partner on a local solution.
Kids This Young, In Idaho, Are Getting Married...
Rep. Melissa Wintrow D- Boise, proposed to change all that and make the minimum age 16 with the consent of the child, parents and a court. Of course it passed right, because that would be common sense, NO! It was voted down the bill 39-28.
If You Vape In Boise...You Might Want To Read This!
The Smoke Free Act which passed in 2011, had exemptions for vaping, but that could all be changing very soon! A new rule proposed by Boise City Council Member Holli Woodings, would ban e-cigarettes and vaping in places where smoking is currently prohibited, like Grove Plaza, Eighth Street, and with…