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Garth Brooks Features Boise In Music Video
Remember that warm summer day when the all time attendance record was broken at Albertson's stadium by you and 79,999 other screaming country music fans who came to see the man, the myth, the legend... Garth Brooks.
One Million Dollars... Is It Worth a Dam?
Let's say you had all the dam money in the world, what would you buy? Would you buy a dam house, a dam Ferrari, a dam airplane, a dam yacht, or would you not give a dam about the stereotypical material things and instead buy a dam
National Drink Wine Day Is Today - Here's my 3 Fav's
I do not consider myself a wine connoisseur but Interestingly enough I started drinking wine at the young age of 3. Yes, I was three years old when my great grandfather who was a pretty decent wine maker decided that my zippy cup was a good place to store some his freshly poured grape juice...
Bogus Basin Season Pass Prices Going Up
You can see the horizon off in the distance as you ride in the chair lift, the breeze is brisk but just enough to cool you off after the last run on the fresh powder delivered by the latest winter offering.
Idaho and Huckleberries... Did You Know?
How is it decided which fruit will be the state fruit? and more specifically how did Idaho gets its state fruit? These are the questions that roam my mind late at night and keep me awake
Cascade Idaho On A TV Show
One of my favorite stops is Cascade. I love the old school theater, the giant moose outside the jeep dealership and Kelly's whitewater park is always fun.
Valentine's Day Meal Deals
Valentine's day is great in theory if you have an unlimited budget. All of the uber romantic Valentine's day gestures that we've grown accustomed to on television are also uber expensive and there seems to be s disconnect between reality and reality TV.
Two Thirds Of Idaho Adults Overweight
When you think of Idaho you don't necessarily think of an overweight state, yes there are the potato jokes and of course the confusion with Iowa and sometimes Ohio but overweight is not really a thing.