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TOP 100 Baby Names For 2019
If you're pregnant or are planning on getting pregnant you're definitely going to want to spend some time going through this list.
Harry Styles... What is he thinking?
I'm all about creative freedom and I know that artist will create music for the masses and then they will create these artistic pieces that leave most wondering... What is he thinking?
Kids Do The Darndest Things...
We've all heard this expression and most of us can agree that their tends to be a lot of truth to it, but at what point does it get out of control and a parent has to lay down the law
Hamburger Happenings
I titled this blog Hamburger Happenings because there seems to be all these stories in the news surrounding burger joints
R.I.P Lil BUB....
YouTube, Instagram and social media in general have created multitudes of celebrity cats.