I have resting scowl face. Think Mark Wahlberg-level scowl and it's only been getting worse.

It's one of the things I discussed with the experts at Silk Touch Med Spa when I talked with them about getting lipo, Botox and fillers. I want to look natural AND banish that unintentional smirk that has been deepening in recent years.

During my first consultations, I knew trust was one of the most important things for me. I don't give it to everybody, but that team was fantastic and walked me through every single step. I have a full understanding of fillers and Botox now.

When I went in for my treatment, my own personal hang-ups were the only things holding me back. First, it was the stereotypical “these things are what women do and not men” type of feeling, and maybe a bit of a feeling of failure that my dad bod look had reached this point. Of course, neither assessment is true. We men can work out and eat healthy, but after a certain point, a med spa might be the best way to get 'er done. It's far better to take control of matters than to sit on the sidelines hoping things magically improve on their own.

Anyway, these thoughts were banished when they started working. They’re very smart as addressing the wrinkles you want and don’t want. They explain the difference and you decide what’s most important. The results with the fillers were instant, while it took a few days for me to really notice the effect of the Botox. It’s one of those things where the lines just slowly disappeared.

Now, I'm in an evaluation period. The treatments they gave me were low dosage, so I'm mulling whether I'm happy with this level or want to increase the dosage. Either way, I can promise I'll share the rest of my journey with you.

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