I'm as lazy as it gets when it comes to grocery shopping-- in fact, until I felt like I needed to have some extra basics on my shelves during this Coronavirus outbreak, my pantry was shamelessly empty.  With my job, having time to cook, prep out food for the week, and shop can be hard to come by. I found a local meal prep and delivery service and I haven't had to think about meals in quite a long time.

If you're a fan of cooking at home, you know nothing beats FRESH produce. If you're like me and you hate going to the store and dealing with crowds (especially while we're all staying at home), you probably wish you could snap your fingers and have all of your produce just delivered. Plot twist you can.

Supporting local is really important to me and it's a staple of how we operate in the Treasure Valley. Established in 1911, Wissel Farms is also a staple of the Treasure Valley and certainly of my house growing up, too! Located in Nampa, Wissel Farms is where my family and I got all of our produce-- it was a particularly frequent stop during watermelon and pumpkin seasons. There's something special about being able to eat something grown just miles from your own home all while supporting a local operation that literally nourishes us.

Just announced, locally owned and operated Wissel Farms will be offering a Harvest Club, that brings fresh produce right to your door for 10-weeks. This will run from July 24th through September 25th.

Over these 10 weeks, you'll receive fresh, locally grown, seasonal produce such as tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, shelling peas, carrots, sweet corn (by far one of my personal favorites), red beets and--NO trips to the store! This includes a free pumpkin in October, by the way--which will be a huge hit if you've got kids!

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