Looking to get out of the Boise for a weekend and discover something new? I found a special weekend for you to circle on a calendar that involves the rodeo, parade, pancake breakfast, and a small town atmosphere.

Oakley Pioneer Days 2017
Photo by: Kekeluv, Townsquare Media

If you know anything about country music you understand that most of the lyrics usually stem from a small country town. I've never pictured rolling through a little town listening to Kendrick Lamar as I park at the local diner. My wife changes the radio station once we hit the city limits of her little hometown because it just feels like home. This is where we start.

Welcome to Oakley, Idaho, population 786. This is a place where everyone knows EVERYONE. The local sheriff is your friend from school and your high school prom was in the gym. It's typical to witness drivers waving at each other as they pass or come up on two cars stopped in the middle of the street because they're all neighbors. This is also where you could find the love of your life because that's where mine is from.

I spent Saturday and Sunday in Oakley for their Pioneer Days Celebration. This is about as local as you get with an amazing pancake breakfast in the morning, local parade, rodeo, and fireworks show to end the weekend. Oakley is about 2 1/2 hours away or an hour past Twin Falls. There is one local grocer, the gas station that served ice cream to my wife when she was a little girl, school, football field, and a ton of country! If you're ever looking to find some country for yourself there is a bed and breakfast. We rented that out for guests when we got married. Check out some photos from our weekend and go for a visit or a cold beer at Judy's Cafe in downtown Oakley.

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