Over the weekend, one of the largest and most anticipated festivals took place a long way from Idaho. The Dreamville Festival, put on by J.Cole, featured a shared stage of many major names in hip-hop, including of course, J. Cole himself, Lil Wayne, and the legend: Drake.

The festival takes place in North Carolina and according to Rolling Stone, approximately 80,000 people were in attendance and even more watched online during the streaming of the event.

Video captured just how into it the crowd was--but when Drake came out, the place went absolutely insane.

North Carolina is home to two major college basketball programs: the Duke Bluedevils and the North Carolina Tarheels. Drake's clothes were a little controversial--and folks here in Idaho will know why...

Let's break down what all of the hype with Drake & his on-stage outfit is all about:

How Drake Showed Major Love to Small School Near Idaho

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Gonzaga has grown to be a brand large enough for Drake to wear during a major performance. AMAZING! 

So Drake rocked Gonzaga gear, what's the big deal? Well--Gonzaga and North Carolina have become rivals over the years--perhaps the largest stage was when Gonzaga narrowly lost in the National Championship to North Carolina in 2017.

Do we now know who Drake was rooting for that night? Someone needs to get Drake a nice stay in CDA and some court-side seats to the next Zags game!

Drake isn't the only celebrity you might see in Idaho soon--in fact, many hang out here regularly: 

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