It's smokey outside and despite the fact that I'm starting to just get used to it being gray doesn't make things any better for our homes or our health.  I'm preparing to take a quick day trip up to Seattle this weekend and as I look forward to that, I am realizing that the smoke is FAR worse up there than it is here.

That said, the amount of smoke that IS here in the Treasure Valley is enough to make a difference in our day to day lives and professionals are suggesting a couple of things to observe at home.

First, it's important to keep an eye on your air filter at home. Notice some discoloration? Replace it...and keep checking up on it each month until the smoke is out of the sky. Breathing in the smokey air at home only increases the odds of needing a doctors appointment...something far more expensive than a new furnace filter.

The other tip is a little more exciting news? Some doctors are saying DON'T vacuum your carpets at home right now. According to this report, it could kick up particles from the fires that have worked their way into your home, making your air inside the house even worse! So no chores this week!

While the smoke is sure to clear out at some point--stay safe out there and take care of your lungs!

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