Dual guest hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler brought a lot of magic to last night’s episode of SNL, but the former cast members and Sisters co-stars probably hit their peak with a sort-of-music-video about their “Dope Squad,” aka the team of perfectly ordinary people who make their lives better on a daily basis. And while they may be wearing tight leather outfits, wielding weapons, and posing dramatically in front of post-apocalyptic imagery, the subject matter is far more mundane…and then Amy Schumer shows up.

The sketch itself is a loose riff on Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video, but neither Swift nor her music are the actual target here. If there is a target, it’s the expectation that talented, popular women like Fey and Poehler don’t have to rely on the kindness of normal people to get by in their day-to-day lives. So they set out to prove to a reporter (played by the always game Aidy Bryant) that they don’t have tons of celebrity friends to help them get by. They have nannies! And gynecologists! And diner waitresses! But most importantly, gynecologists.

They also have Schumer, who pops up at the end of the video for an amusing bit that reminds us that A.) She is fantastic and B.) That these three ladies need to get together for a proper movie sooner rather than later.

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