As movie stars and celebrities gather tonight (March 4) for the 90th annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles, Saturday Night Live decided to skewered Hollywood and their own sexual harassment scandals with their hilarious sketch called “The Grabbies.”

The sketch, which is a spoof of the Oscars, features SNL cast member Cecily Strong playing a red carpet host interviewing nominees attending the Grabbies event. The winners will receive a golden statue of groping hands for their unsolicited handiwork (jokey pun intended).

One actor, played by SNL’s Pete Davidson, is all smiles as he’s been nominated for “most open robe.” When asked what he was wearing for the occasion, he replied, “thin sweatpants with no underwear.”

Later, Kenan Thompson plays a Hollywood bigwig character who is accepting the honorary Cecil B. Molestin lifetime achievement award, which is a play on the real-life Cecil B. DeMille award given out at the Oscars.

"You know when I started out in this business I had two hands, one flappy penis and no sense of boundaries," he says with a prostitute as his escort. "And now look at me, praise to the devil."

Charles Barkley, who was the night's SNL host, played an actor named Tim Franklin who is nominated for "Best Non Apology." Wearing a "Tim's Up" pin instead of a "Time's Up" pin, Franklin made no apologies for trolling his victim who accused him of sexual misconduct. He also revealed that he's wearing a "I'm with Herpes" pin because the doctors diagnosed him with it just hours before he walked the red carpet.

Overall, the sexual harassment scandal in Hollywood is not a laughing matter, but SNL always finds a way to highlight important social issues with a little bit of humor. Watch the SNL sketch above.

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