Snoop Dogg himself will be just a quick drive away from the Treasure Valley for the grand opening of an Ontario, Oregon marijuana dispensary this weekend. Feeling like a free concert? Here's the scoop on Uncle Snoop...

Long before states began legalizing marijuana, it has been no secret that Snoop Dogg loves to dabble. I think every song he's ever written has at least one weed reference, right? Well, no matter your stance on the issue, Idaho is currently surrounded by states that have moved to legalize the controversial plant and there's a new operation opening up in Ontario, Oregon.

Hot Box Farms which is currently operating out of a brick and mortar store front in Huntington, Oregon has expanded and will now have a location in Ontario. This is significantly closer to the Treasure Valley. I haven't driven that way, but have heard around town that the amount of Idaho license plates out front is shocking. Could this only increase with Ontario now opening a location?

Regardless, the grand opening is tomorrow and some superstars will be making appearances. Actor and comedian Jim Belushi will be in attendance, as will legendary rapper (and now co-host to Martha Stewart), Snoop Dogg.

The grand opening goes from 4:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. and towards the end of that time window, Snoop is going to preform and do a live DJ set. Sound like your jam? Here's your party. The concert is set up in a parking lot behind the Hot Box Farms location, so it's open to all ages.

For more, see their Facebook page HERE.


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