Having grown up right here in the Treasure Valley, I know all about the weather in these parts. Well--as much as there is to possibly know about it. I say that because it doesn't take long to realize that you never actually know what the weather is going to be like around here.

As we've seen all year--we live in an unpredictable place. Crazy rain storms can be followed by the sunniest of afternoons, hot summer days can turn and be hailing by sunset. It's weird. When someone asks me what the Treasure Valley is like-- especially someone who has never been here--I brag about the weather. YES, it's unpredictable...but I absolutely LOVE that no matter how extreme or crazy the swings may be, we ALWAYS get four distinct seasons here. I can't imagine living someplace warm, where yes--it would be amazing--there would be no snow during Christmas time.

It's time to talk crazy weather, Idaho...because a recent forecast released for our great state is saying SNOW is on the way. Yes--THIS early. A cold front is headed to our region as soon as this weekend that could bring snow to our mountains. Imagine being able to hit the slopes by Halloween?

According to the current weather models being evaluated, Saturday evening into Sunday morning is when we're going to see this cold front come in.

What does this mean for the Treasure Valley? Well-- it's looking like RAIN since temperatures just aren't quite low enough.


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