The other day I couldn't help but laugh out loud as a group of friends and I got in a heated argument about where to get coffee. Yes, I know talk about first world problems! I just wanted to go down to JAVA to get my favorite mocha. Java does this thing where they put Mexican chocolate into this particular mocha and I love it!!! I'm not the biggest coffee person but occasionally I want to partake because it reminds me of cold nights drinking hot chocolate at grandmas house when I was growing up. To end the argument I googled best coffee shops in Downtown Boise and according to this are five at the top of the list... You be the judge.

Neckar is located at 117 S 10th St, Boise.

The space, with big windows in front and a long, white counter, is muted but modern, with spare decoration, drawing the bulk of its aesthetics from the coffee and related equipment. Custom walnut-wood handles gleam from Bosco Sorrento espresso machine levers, pastries from the James-Beard-Award-nominated Janjou Patisserie sit under spotless glass-like jewels in a case, and handmade ceramicware cups from Guten Co. hold the coffee in the most stylish of ways.

Form and Function is located at 511 W Broad St, Boise

In many ways, Form and Function and Neckar are quite similar—minimalist, design-focused, and serving expertly roasted beans—but F&F does have a broader food menu, including a few porridges and a series of toasts, and also sources coffee with a strong social justice and sustainability bent in their approach.

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