Just because us "adults" have traded in our backpack for briefcases doesn't mean the evil and disgusting tradition of bullying has ceased to exist in the professional environment. Professional bullies can come in all shapes sizes and management levels. In some ways, "professional bullying" is worse than what one may go through in high school; because if not handled properly, entire careers can be ruined. "Professional bullies" can attack you directly or passive aggressively. I've found that most choose to attack passively due to a sense of cowardice and lack of self-confidence. They will lie, manipulate and gossip in an attempt to bring a twisted sense of satisfaction to their empty lives. If you can't tell, I despise bullies. I've dealt with them many times in my career. I hope that someone that is currently dealing with professional bully reads te the following suggestions and gets some help.

#1 Document everything: Note every inappropriate interaction. Be specific detailing times and locations.

#2 Alert a supervisor: If you can alert your direct supervisor to the issue. If your bully is a supervisor, go to HR and lodge a formal complaint.

#3 Avoid being alone with the bully: Don't put yourself in any "he said-she said" situations. Surround yourself with people you trust.

#4 Vent: Talk to a family member, friend or counselor about the issue. Just try to keep it out of the workplace.

I want to reach out to anyone who is being bullied in the workplace. Please use me as a resource. Contact me any way possible.

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