Have a PlayStation 3 gathering dust in your closet or entertainment center? Sony might owe you some cash for owning it!

I'm certainly not getting any cash out of this deal because the most up to date game system that I have is my original Nintendo 64 from the late 90s, but if you bought a Sony PlayStation 3 or gifted one to your kids in the mid-2000s you could cash in on a lawsuit settlement.  At one point PlayStation offered users a chance to use the console a little more like a computer by adding a feature called "Other OS."  It allowed those who had the original PlayStation 3 to install a computer operation called Linux on their systems.

Well, according to Tom's Guide that was a bit of a security issue so they decided to turn off that function and produce the newer, slimmer PlayStation 3s without it.  That resulted in a class-action lawsuit as users who bought the system with "OtherOS" should still have access to it.  Eventually Sony settled and decided to pay out $3.75 million. If you have one of those systems, you're entitled to up to $65 of that pot! But to claim it, you'll need to file your claim by April 15.

So how do you know if your old console is part of the lawsuit? According to Yahoo!, if it was one of the original "Fat" PS3s sold between November 1, 2006 and April 1, 2010 you can file a claim with one stipulation. You have to had bought the system from an authorized retailer like Best Buy, Circuit City, Walmart, Game Stop, etc.  If you picked one up at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale or bought it used somewhere else, you're out of luck.

If your PS3 matches those guidelines, head HERE to file your claim.  You'll need the machine's serial number and either a PlayStation Network Online ID or PlayStation Network Sign-In ID that was used with that system.

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