It's been about a year ago that I was introduced to my now friend, Diana from Boise Bucket List. Diana created a website that was dedicated to everything Boise. She filled in on the morning show several times and we've been friends ever since our coffee in Downtown.

Both of our lives have spun out of control busy but this weekend I was invited to throwback night in Downtown Boise, drinks and some Spice Girls. Saturday night we would be that loud, obnoxious, cycling bar filled with throwbacks and a lot of yelling. It's was a Pedals-n-Pints kind of night 🍻

You might not be a person that has the opportunity to go very much so I'll explain what this experience is all about. This is basically a 12 person bar rolling through Downtown Boise where you pedal your calories away 🔥Then you add some more with one of the several drinking games you'll be playing. I shortly realized that people driving back had taken these tours because we got honks, high fives and then some. All these are part of the drinking games that roughly lasts two hours.

Photo by: Kekeluv

TIP #1: Uber yourself or make plans after the tour ends. Don't take a chance and drink responsibly. Have fun!

This was a 90's throwback event and Diana was our musical diva for the evening that had everyone tipsy before the alcohol even started pouring. If you saw and heard 12 fanimals singing Britney Spears, Spice Girls, Snoop Dogg and some pole dancing Ginuwine - that was us fo sho! Some dressed up and the other few pimped out for the gram. I was surprised but not shocked at the several impromptu photoshoots that took place.

Photo by: Kekeluv

It' obvious my game is off because I couldn't believe everyone wanting to look at themselves constantly. Phones were never done and someone was live from some social media app the entire two hours. This throwback outfit from my co-host Kat was already in her closet. She's probably been dying for a moment to throw that Fila on 💯

My excuse was that I needed to everything for my recap 😀I have so much video including that pole dancing moment that morphed into a thwarted lapdance. Kat stepped in quick on that one including the girl's friend. That was a #classic moment.

Everyone stepped down from the poles, the Spice Girls ended the night and it was only 10:30 p.m. Everyone told me to lock up my Jeep and we're taking an Uber to the next party. I ran back to my ride, stopped and I had to change my mind. There was a little boy that was going to wake up wondering where daddy was because I promised I would be back. Daddy life came back at me real quick and suddenly got excited to see the family. I'm nowhere perfect at being a husband or father so let's get that straight. It's the priorities as I realized that nobody was expecting me to stay out late and I would have felt terrible coming back in the middle of the night. I'll save that for next time with better planning 😉

Thanks to some great friends in Diana, Joey our loyalist of loyal, the best wing woman ever and co-host Kat, our friends from Pedals & Pints, and some pretty damn amazing listeners. I met some great fans of our child abuse prevention event and it just goes to show that abuse touches everyone.

Congratulations to our group of girls celebrating their friend's bachelorette party.

Photo by: Kekeluv

I've spoken to Diana and Kat as we plan the next Summer junt. Can you say singles ride? 6 single guys and 6 single girls? Follow me on Instagram for more to come.

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