Scam Alert

Can you trust anyone today? This is why I'm always very careful when sharing my information with anyone online or on the phone. Looks like another scam is going around the Treasure Valley and St. Luke's wants you to be aware.

St. Luke's is warning customers to beware who they give information to because it might be a scam. Several customers have reported disturbing phone calls from what random people using "spoofing" tactics. Just because your ID reads St. Lukes doesn't actually mean it is coming from the hospital.

Really? It wasn't that long ago when spam only came to our home phones. I think the scammers figured out people didn't answer home phones anymore and they've found a way to reach out to our cell numbers. What now?

The Boise Police Department want to remind all Idahoans:

  • Legitimate agencies wouldn't call individuals and "demand" money under any circumstances.
  • Don't give credit card information, debit or pre-paid cash over the phone. Don't let anyone press fear on you over the phone.
  • In most circumstances these transactions are untraceable and it's a good probability that you won't get your money back. Don't do it!
  • If you think you are a victim of these scammers or wanna check the status of a legitimate warrant for your arrest or unpaid tickets follow the link.

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