This past week Idaho Governor Brad Little made an executive decision and let it be  known that Idaho would no longer participate in federal unemployment programs as of June 19th. Needless to say this has become a heated topic and the discussions have gotten quite spirited as more and more people realize that they will no longer get the additional $300 benefit. One side says that the people that are staying home are doing so simply because they've figured out that they can make $20 per hour doing nothing at home as opposed to going to work for $10-$15. The other side says that $10-$15 isn't enough to pay rent in this crazy housing market. The big question in my mind surrounds livable wages. Do these jobs pay enough for people to live a decent life?

I've read both sides of the argument and frankly can't make sense of it all but I do know this, Idaho has many jobs available and the federal money is going away. While it seems like Idaho is taking a cold turkey approach this may be an opportunity for us to borrow an Idea from Arizona who is also taking away the federal funds but offering residents $2000 to get a full time job and $1000 to go back to work part-time. Knowing that the federal money is going away, would you take the incentive?


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