Idaho, Boise specifically, is flooded with Californians. This we all know. It feels like every other new person you meet in Boise happens to be from California. Personally, I don't mind the influx because I'm not even from around here myself. The disdain for out of staters though, more so Californians, is so real.

According to data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, more than 653,000 Californians moved to another state in 2019 while only about 480,000 people moved to California from elsewhere in the country which calculates out to a population loss. Reasons for Californians leaving their home state vary. For most, it usually has something to do with the high cost of living or even the political landscape.

For us Idahoans, while it might feel like everyone in the mother is moving from California to Idaho, the numbers tell sort of a different story. When it comes to states where you'd be most likely to run into a Californian, Idaho actually comes in second right behind Nevada. Three out of every 200 Nevada residents had moved from California in the past year. Oregon, Arizona, and Hawaii round out the top 5 states where you're most likely to run into a Californian.

Not everyone is leaving for California though. There is still a considerable amount of people moving there. 82,235 people in Texas had moved from California in the last year. 59,713 new California residents were from Arizona. Nevada, Washington, and Oregon follow as the states with the most California departures according to USPS change of address requests.

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