One evening last week I went home after a long day at the station and I felt like doing absolutely nothing!!! zero, zip, zilch. I almost wanted to sit in complete silence and just listen to my thoughts and then I realized that was a horrible idea because while some say that  a mind is a horrible thing to waste, I sometimes believe that a mind is a horrible thing period... hahahaha!!! I digress... I decided to flip the TV on and it turns out that The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was on. I put it on just at the perfect time to hear him say " Northern Idaho, that's where the people from Southern Idaho go" My reaction was... " Is he really talking trash about our fine state?" He then proceeded to tell the story of the patron who has been misplacing books at the Couer d'Alene library (mostly books that put president Trump in a negative light and books about feminism and LGBTQ topics) The bit continued to the point where his team brought out a giant unhideable copy of the "Whose Boat is This Boat" before wrapping up the segment.

Guess what?! The giant "unhideable" book showed up to the Couer d'Alene library today. according to KREM 2 the book will be displayed near the front of the library and Stephen Colbert plans to air the continuation of this story including the book delivery sometime next week. Looks like Couer d'Alene made it.

Congrats... I think...

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