Look out your window and everything is this hazy shade of yellow and grey. It looks gross, it smells, gross, and it's awful for our lungs. Luckily, our air here in the Treasure Valley isn't as bad as it is elsewhere in the pacific northwest but it certainly isn't ideal. In fact, it's so bad, we're all being advised to stay out of it.

So what do you do when you shouldn't breathe the air that surrounds you? Well, there are SOM steps you can take--and none of them are outside.

First, make sure that your windows at home are all shut and that your AC is on internal-recycle mode, that way you aren't bringing in a TON of outside air. That goes for you car cabin as well. I noticed myself that just yesterday that my nearly brand-new air filter at home is totally dark. I'll be buying a new one as some of the smoke leaves the area.

Masks like the ones we wear for COIVD reasons aren't meant to filter our air and really do nothing for us. If you're at risk, N95 masks ARE suggested.

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