If all goes according to plan for the team behind Stranger Things, the streets will be empty this Halloween.

The Netflix series, which amassed a huge cult following when its first season dropped in 2016, announced today (July 11) that it'll officially return on October 27 — just in time for you to sink into your sofa and ignore all looming parties, costumed events and time spent with kids.

Stranger Things also posted a beautifully graphic new poster in which the show's town of Hawkins is shrouded in eerie red clouds while a hulking new monster barrels through plumes and bolts of lightning.

"Some doors can't be closed," a new tagline reads, and followers of the show's various social media accounts went wild with the pronouncement.


Executive Producer Shawn Levy told Entertainment Tonight in June that Season 2 will aim to ratchet up the show's scariness, though it's not necessarily emotionally dark.

“Let’s put it this way: it’s definitely spookier, scarier and bigger in its action in spectacle,” he revealed. “But I’m also quick to add, because so many people have talked about dark season two, it is still these characters that we love… because we’re not Stranger Things if we don’t root for these innocent, broken and not quite, you know, fitting into any mold characters. That applies to our kids, who are like magic, and our teenagers, who are trying to find their way.”

“So, season two is darker, but season two is very much still about us following this ensemble of characters through their challenges and their lives,” he continued.

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