No matter how much we want to fight against all the technological advances it won't work. The tech boom continues to challenge all of us and our bank accounts. How many different subscription services and auto-withdraws do you have selected right now?

It's time to re-evaluate your options because Disney+ has just entered the game. Did you forget that Apple's streaming service launched a week ago? Yes, everyone forgot already. Disney is going to be a major player but what should you do? Who should you choose?

I think the question is more about what your options are. Do you know what your cell service offers, streaming music services, or cable? The field is getting busy but so is the Democratic race too. It's important you understand who offers what and where to get it the cheapest. Knowledge is half the battle.

Let's keep it simple today and look at Disney Plus vs Netflix.

Disney+ is the new kid on the block and a very attractive buy right now. I mean, it's Disney. What you might not know about Disney is what they own and offer. Here's a quickie:

Disney owns PIXAR, MARVEL, Star Wars, National Geographic and more. Disney also offers ESPN+ and HULU with an upgrade plan. Think about those headers and how many movies each franchise owns. Take MARVEL and Star Wars. You get EVERYTHING Star Wars from the movies to the cartoons. That goes the same for MARVEL. Do you get that with Netflix?

Well, kind of right? I mean Netflix gives you what it wants and then takes it away when ready. That said, what if Disney said, "no more." This is a very dangerous power but it could disrupt a major shift in the streaming game. Pull all those franchises together and what's left on Netflix?

Well, no worries because Netflix is corning the market on their original series and we'll continue to flock there. I think what this does is open up the conversation for what else Netflix can join with to offer more. Who does this really hurt?

Disney+ costs $6.99 per month with a 7-day trial and $12.99 per month that includes Hulu/ESPN+ This also gives you the opportunity to utilize this service on 4 different screens.

Netflix isn't going down without a fight as they went out and signed a deal to service Nickelodeon. This will add numerous animated films and TV shows that include original content.

Netflix is the supreme being right? This is the giant we all love and enjoy in our homes. I can't see us leaving anytime soon but can have both. This means that things like Dish and Directv could be in jeopardy. That's the real loser in this (just my opinion).

I had HBO for Game of Thrones and Homeland. Think about how many years they owned me because of that. If I could (which I can now) just purchase HBO I would need it in a Satellite package (hence, HBO Go).

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You can get three separate packages on Netflix that doesn't vary a ton except for the number of screens. You get one screen for $8.99 vs Disney+ at $6.99 that gives you four screens. Netflix offers a $15.99 package on four screens and better quality. We'll see how long that lasts considering buzz on Disney+.

I own one Apple TV unit which I love and my Netflix/Disney+ apps work there. My other TVs have ROKU which offers Netflix/Disney+ in their apps section as well. The Apple+ streaming service? I bought it on trial and deleted it. They didn't offer enough for my money and that could hurt their new Apple+ Original film Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carrel and Reese Witherspoon, "The Morning Show".

I don't think you have to choose these two services because they're both robust. I love the content and how can you beat $6.99 and I can share it with three other devices. I'd suggest really looking into the Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, Roku and these services that give you a platform to free apps. Regardless, you can't go wrong with Disney+ or Netflix.

Have fun!

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