Students in Emmett have something new to add to their Christmas wish list... Health. I'm sure that some of the 2600 kids in the Emmett school district have written - All I want for Christmas is to NOT get the flu. According to Valor health influenza B and Strep has spread in the isolated community.

ktvb reported that:

"Emmett Independent School District canceled classes on Friday due to an Influenza B and Strep outbreak.

Craig Woods, the superintendent says 11% of children in the district became sick this week due to the outbreak.

The Emmett district includes eight schools and about 2600 students. That would mean upwards of 280 cases were reported in one week in the rural town."


I remember growing up we would sometimes miss the bus just so we wouldn't have to go to first period. My friends and I spent more time that I care to admit coming up with excuses as to why we couldn't go to school on Monday, needless to say my parents never fell for it. I've heard of snow days cancelling school, rain delays and one time when I was in school the electricity went out due to a car knocking down a power line but a Flu outbreak?! I think I would rather go to school.

It's unclear if the students will have to make up the time off but Christmas break was scheduled from December 23 til January third so at best they would have to make up one day of class.



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