Join One More Day, the Ada County Coroner, and KIDO Talk Radio for the 2021 Suicide Shake Down Run & Rally this Saturday, beginning at noon at High Desert Harley Davidson.

The event will be preceded by a motorcycle run starting at Whiskey River in Nampa starting at 10 am. Registration for the run is from 845am to 945am, and kickstands will be up at 10 am sharp.


Both events are part of a suicide prevention program called Man Therapy led by Ada County Coroner Dottie Owens. According to their website, the program is designed to provide support and suicide prevention for men 25-54, the most significant number of suicide deaths in the country. In Ada County, 78% of this demographic accounts for suicides in the county.


Saturday's event will feature entertainment, speakers, games, food trucks, cornhole tournaments, and live music. Dottie Owens hopes to begin a monthly program where men in this age group can meet to support one another.  


The Ada County Coroner's Office provided the following statistics to KIDO Talk Radio:

2020 Suicides: Ada County had 97 suicides, of which 77 (78.9%) were males with an average age of 41. Twelve of them were veterans, and two of those were homeless.  

2019 Suicides:  Ada County had 92 suicides, of which 68 (73%) were males with an average age of 48. Seventeen of them were veterans, and five were homeless.  

2010-January 30, 2021 Ada County Suicides

952 Suicides total 716 males (44 average age) and 236 females (41 average age)

The coroner's office investigation revealed that almost all the male deaths had one or more commonalities: relationship issues, depression (undiagnosed/no treatment), alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and legal issues.

The Challenges for Men in today's world

Most men have an unwillingness to acknowledge mental health problems or suicidal ideations.

Men statistically have a greater need for mental health services yet are less likely to access them.

Male depression is 50-50% underdiagnosed, according to Mental Health America, 2007.

Men are most resistant to asking for help communicating feelings and forming groups around mental health.

Program Goals

This program aims to reduce the suicide rate in Ada County through a humorous and innovative approach. Man Therapy has proven to decrease suicide rates by 30%. The coroner's office wants to reduce the suicide rates among men in our area and help stabilize families.  




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