It's no secret that the temperatures are rising these days here in the Treasure Valley and despite the fact that we know this is inevitable--I think it is fair to say that COVID-19 has us all a little "disoriented".  Socially, it all feels so weird. Over the weekend I went to a small wedding in the woods and it felt so strange to be around people...with a DJ!  These are the times we're living in.

As Boise always does--one local charity is hoping you can rise to the occasion and I wanted to highlight them. A friend of mine from my days at Bishop Kelly High School here in Boise recently shared that the City Light Home for Women & Children was in need of summer supplies. I hope we can get them that help they need.

With summer WELL underway, the women and children at City Light are in need of things like sunscreen, sandals, and summer clothes. 

Of course, any type of donation helps, but in these times where the heat and sun are UP, these supplies are really crucial.

Learn more about City Light, HERE.

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