You might be thinking, why would you write about or point out the bad Super Bowl commercials? This is a two part answer... It's human tendency for us to want to do what people ask us NOT to do, so here it is... These are horrible don't watch these commercials. Part two of my answer is that this list comes from CNN and of course its subjective. By listing these out for you, it gives you the chance to judge for yourself, I thought the Post Malone Bud Light commercial was great yet here it is on the "losers" list. the other thing I found interesting while I went through the list is that I missed several commercials and this gives me the chance to go back and look at them again. Here is the list of CNN "losers" for you.


Planters: After teasing plans to kill off mascot Mr. Peanut, Planters offered an odd fake-out by introducing a baby version while other corporate spokes-characters mourned. Ultimately, the legume gave his life in the service of a misguided campaign.
Snickers: It's not clear what a giant Snickers bar would do to solve all the world's ills, other than perhaps give it diabetes.
Sabra: Although the ad generated advance controversy because a conservative group was upset that drag queens were featured within it, the only real issue here was that the spot for hummus was messy, and worse, obnoxious.
Avocados From Mexico: "Why Molly Ringwald, exactly?" was only one of the questions this commercial left in its wake.
Mountain Dew: Bryan Cranston was a good choice for this "The Shining" spoof, but other than the closing image of mountain spilling out of the elevator, the whole thing was way too cute for its own good.
Michelob Ultra: Jimmy Fallon working out with John Cena felt awfully tired and un-hip.
Budweiser: The beer company offered one of its typical patriotic ads with a spot featuring "typical Americans," but with the nation this divided, it's harder than ever to deliver that "What unites us" message without evoking thoughts that undermine it.
Facebook: If ever a company might have benefited from a strong corporate image ad, it's Facebook. A spot that told you ways different people use Facebook wasn't bad, but it also wasn't that.
Bud Light Seltzer: A man's inner voices fight a battle over drinking Bud Light Seltzer that looked a lot like a bit from an old Woody Allen movie. An amusing sight gag but a highly derivative idea.
Tide: Charlie Day had a stain on his shirt. Everything after that in a connected series of spots felt like a bit of a blur -- including cameos by the Bud Light Knight and Wonder Woman -- which were unexpected but not enough to redeem it.
P&G: The idea of celebrating a bunch of different brands an in interactive commercial was an interesting idea, but unless you're a marketing student the experiment didn't entirely work.
Sodastream: A funny punchline -- that actually demonstrates what the product does -- pays off this spot about finding water on Mars, with an appropriate cameo by Bill Nye the Science Guy. OK, but not a top-tier ad.
Pepsi: Using the Rolling Stones' "Paint it Black" was a nifty touch, but a fairly standard image spot.
Squarespace: There was a "Fargo" vibe to the spot featuring Winona Ryder in Winona, Minnesota, which only half paid off the gag.
Reese's Take 5: They pushed the notion of illustrating clichés a little too far with the final image, which bordered on crude.
Cheetos: A guy uses having cheesy fingers to get out of various unpleasant things -- including changing a baby -- using MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This." Put this one just outside the "winners" column.
New York Life: There was something serious about life -- and life insurance -- going on there, but it was difficult to follow what it was.
Hard Rock: Michael Bay ("Transformers") directed an action-packed ad in which Jennifer Lopez was joined by a number of other celebs. The spot was certainly busy and energetic, but lacked much point. Sort of like the average Michael Bay movie, only shorter.

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