Superman is becoming a real superhero after reading this story. This isn't click-bait or anything fake. Dean Cain from the television series, Lois & Clark, has just been sworn in to uphold the law in Idaho.

Cain was America's television heartthrob in the 1990's with his role as Clark Kent (Superman.) Our man Dean is now rocking the badge as a reserve officer at St. Anthony.

Dean Cain played next to Teri Hatcher which you might know more from her scandalous role in Desperate Housewives. His costume may have changed trading in the cape for a badge but his heart is still in the same place - this is a good guy.

Dean joins the department as a member of the All About Kids foundation that strives to protect children from bullying and internet predators. I think we can all agree that those issues are dear to so many of our hearts.

This is a wonderful opportunity. It's great to be here with the guys and to put on this uniform,"  - Dean Cain

The newly uniformed Idahoan (we'll accept him) went on to rave about the small town feel.

I love the small town feel. Everybody's been extremely friendly and warm."

I've watched reruns of that Loise & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and come across Cain's every so popular Lifetime movies baby! If you can't find them on the big screen anymore have no fear. You can always find your favorites moving to a new town around Christmas when all of the sudden their car breaks down. You might even find them falling in love while helping put on a local play. I've seen them all!

I'm not sure if you'll see this guy roaming the streets of Downtown Boise or sipping on some wine out in Nampa. You have to give him credit for becoming this reserve officer and giving back to the kids. Pretty cool.

Check out this clip from Dean Cain's ranch just hours away from Idaho. Never seen Mr. Cain's portrayal of Superman? Get ready for some epic bad youtube vids!

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