If you're like me, food that is hot just never sounds good when the temperatures are high. Just today I ran and made myself a COLD salad at the Albertsons salad bar because nothing warm sounds good. That said, summertime is when a lot of folks here in the Treasure Valley make their way out to their backyards and grill up some barbecue!

If you're like me, you aren't doing much grilling for yourself but can always appreciate some good stuff from a local restaurant.

Travel Pulse, an online travel-blog website has compiled a list of "the best" barbecue for each and every state in the nation. Who could have the BEST in Idaho?

Well, according to THIS survey, one place right here in the Treasure Valley stands out and it just happens to be the very place I last had some BBQ.

Any guesses?

According to the survey, Rib Shack Barbecue is THE best barbecue in the entire State of Idaho!  Travel Pulse writes

Serving up Kansas City style dry-rubbed, low-and-slow 'cue, Rib Shack is the place to go in the Boise area to get your Midwest barbecue fix. Renowned for baby back ribs, the entire menu is crafted with love for doing barbecue the right way, even "importing" hickory wood from Missouri.

Listen, I love my tacos, I definitely love sushi, but I've never claimed to be a bbq expert.  Perhaps you can help clarify: is there a place in town that has better bbq than Rib Shack?

Post up in the comments and share--who has the BEST?

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