Just when you think you know a country, they go behind your back with the lie of the century! We're shook.

If you've ever had the pleasure of shopping at Ikea, you've most likely sampled their delectable Swedish Meatballs. They are amazing. The stuff dreams are made of. I'd go as far to say that you truly haven't lived until you've tasted Ikea's meatballs. They're that good.

Here's the thing: It's all a clever ruse. A lie. A deceitful con played on millions of meatball fans. How so?




I know. We're sharing your hurt right now. How do we know about this travesty? The official Twitter account for the country of Sweden fessed up:

So, do we have to start calling them "Turkey Balls" because that is 100% not happening. The worst part is, my fiancée and I just ordered a desk from Ikea, and now I'm feeling a little betrayed.

Maybe we should've gotten a desk from the good, honest people of Turkey.


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