One of my favorite things about Boise is the views. The terrain makes it so that you can be on a hilltop so close to downtown that you feel like you're right on top of the high rise buildings. Table Rock is a perfect example of this and unfortunately due to COVID-19 and the amount of free time people have on their hands there has been a huge increase of visitors to the popular scenic view spot.

"What we've observed in the last 12 weeks is we've seen upwards of 250 cars per night, which causes a public safety concern," said Janet Gallimore, the executive director of the Idaho Historical Society in an interview with Idaho news 6.

"Vandalism, drug use, violence, discharge of firearms, stolen vehicles, fighting, fire setting and all of those things damage the Boise foothills and puts lives, private and public property at risk," continued Gallimore. "These public safety concerns have directly led to to the mesa parking area closure."

Table Rock will still be open for hiking and people can still park on the portion of Table Rock road that's paved however the lot and the dirt road will be off limits for the rest of the year.




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