It's been the name of Boise State's arena for years. In fact, I remember when The Pavilion became the Taco Bell Arena in 2004. At first, it was strange calling our sports complex anything related to Taco Bell, but now it's the new normal. The only strange aspect was the inability to purchase Taco Bell inside.

Well, in 2019-2020, the venue--home to Boise State basketball and many of the areas largest concerts, will have a new name.  Taco Bell received naming rights for $4 million back in 2004, however many are saying that the university will be able to make significantly more money for naming rights this time around.

Of course, as Boise State and its brand has grown, so too has its value for naming rights.

As Boise State's men's basketball team has garnered national attention this year, that can definitely help with brand exposure for any potential buyers.

What do you think? What would YOU name the arena if you were in charge?

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