Tuesday's are always a day that we look forward too especially after a slow start to the week with the dreaded Monday. This Tuesday was sweeter than most because Monday was a holiday so our first order of business this week was to embark on a search for the Treasure Valleys best tacos. I must first share this as a disclaimer, we never accept free food, we insist on paying for our food because our goal is to provide our honest and unbiased opinion to the listener. As you can imagine if we were getting free food we might be tempted to give someone a favorable review even if they didn't deserve it.

Today we took a drive and ended up in the industrial area adjacent to the Boise airport, we found ourselves in the Corporate Office Installations parking lot which is at 1049 Boeing st. That is where we found this nameless out of the way little taco truck which is a hidden gem. Two Grandmas run the joint and I can only imagine that all those years of experience is what makes their food stand out. Mateo and I both ordered our customary 3 tacos. Carne Asada, Pollo and Adobada. All three tacos were so full of flavor and both the green and red salsa's were a nice compliment. The red salsa was so good that I was drinking it after I finished my food. Interesting note: Last week the tacos at Tin Roof were marginal due to cold tortillas, this week the tortillas were exceptional, so delicious to the point where they were almost sweet. They we're also lightly dipped in the oil released by the tacos protein causing the flavor quotient to grow exponentially. If you feel like getting lost for lunch and you wanna enjoy some exceptional tacos this nameless taco truck is the spot for you. On a scale of 1 to 5 tacos Mateo scored it a 4.5 and I gave it a 4.25 with my only concern being that the meat chunks were bigger than I like them. No matter how the meat is cut, I will be back.

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