Every Tuesday Mateo and I traverse the Treasure Valley in search of the holy grail of tacos. There have been three Tuesdays in which we've found spots worthy of a 5 out of 5 tacos rating. We never accept free food because we don't want to feel obligated to give someone a better rating than they deserve. Our mission is to either try a place you've never tried and point you in the right direction or to try your favorite place and let you know how it ranks compared to other local taco spots.

This week a listener Jennifer from Meridian suggested we try the Tacos Veloz taco truck on Fairview in the Standard Restaurant Supply parking lot. We typically try the Carne asada , Pollo and Adobada tacos for comparisons sake. This week I was enticed to try their super taco which unlike the regular tacos included lettuce , tomato, cheese and sour creme. The regular street tacos and the super taco we're fine. They we're good but there was nothing special about them, no overwhelming flavor. I'm not sure If I've gotten spoiled by the amazing tacos we've had in the last month but I'm not excited enough to go back. Again they were fine and as a result both Mateo and I scored the Tacos Veloz taco truck 3 out of 5 tacos.

tacos veloz tacos

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