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Kekeluv and Paige recap delivery
It's over!  Everyone is safe and Paige was brilliant!  I had to grab the camera for a post delivery video real quick to talk about how it went.  Her version was a bit different than mine.
Seattle Seahawk Onesie
Superbowl fever is heating up if you're a Seattle Seahawks fan!  They call it a "RE-Pete" and fans are ready to go, "Beast-Mode!"  Do you have your Hawk gear yet?
Lennox Luv Warms Your heart!
Kekeluv in the Morning's new edition to the family, Lennox Luv, will definitely melt your heart in this video.  Makes you fall in love with him immediately!
Kekeluv and Lennox in Morning NICU
It's the 2nd day in the life of my little dude, Lennox Luv!  His bright blue eyes are staring at me right when I come around the corner with a good morning !  He's still wired up, but his NICU Team is unbelievable.  Check out his close-up.
Kekeluv Baby Photos
Early Tuesday afternoon, Paige pushed out our brand spanking new baby boy!  We took photos and prepared to upload, pack and bring Baby Luv home.  We had a few set backs and now he's in the great hands of the NICU team St.Alphonsus.  Take a look with us.
Kekeluv and Paige To The Hospital
You might think that when a women tells you her water broke, there would be panic!  This woman is a star and ALL woman.  She's so calm and it's our last drive alone together.  Today, we will welcome little Baby Luv!

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