Black Friday

Make $500 Today Easy
It's a fact that Thanksgiving has turned into another way to save on tons of products. You can boycott or save. Walk into this store after 3 p.m. today and you could take home $500 for free! Let's go!
Idaho KitchenAid Sales Early
Black Friday, Gray Wednesday, and Cyber Monday are losing their primetime sale appeal. You can grab a KitchenAid mixer for $125 NOW. No strings attached but the click of your mouse!
Free Items For Shopping
You ever wondered why women are queen at the sale? I've now figured out why you are so amazing and it's very envious. Did you know you by the click of a mouse that you could get free stuff for Christmas? I have three items for you today.
Stores Open on Thanksgiving
Black Friday used to be a thing...until stores started opening while we're all in a turkey coma on the couch. Stores will be opening on Thanksgiving and we can get ourselves a head start on shopping.
Black Friday at Pawn 1!
103.5 KISS FM's Michelle Heart was at the Black Friday event at Pawn 1 on Fairview today. Pawn 1 is loaded with holiday items such as ipads, TV's, video games and much more! Plus there is a special 30%-50% off all jewelry; where most stores mark up prices just to mark it back down and call it a 'sal…

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