I wanted to mention this because I think it's so very important. There is nothing sadder than someone who hit a rough patch and has found themselves in homeless place. You can go back and forth about the particulars but shit happens.

You can fight it all you want but most of us are only a few paychecks away from being homeless. I think most have a support system but what if you don't? What ARE you going to do?

I wish I had the answers but I honestly have no idea. I think we're blessed to live in a community that if the worst were to happen that we had someone to call upon. Wouldn't it be nice if we all just had at least one person to call?

There's no way to answer that with a definitive answer. However, you can help the next person who is relying on places like the Idaho Food Bank.

Empty Bowls 2019 - Friday after Thanksgiving at the Grove Plaza

The day after Thanksgiving is a huge day for an empty bowl program that promises to assist in filling up the Idaho Food Bank. The Empty Bowls Program gives away these bowls filled with the tastiest soups cooked by our finest chefs in the Treasure Valley.

This year's holiday event begins on Friday with over 2,000 bowls created, handcrafted and designed for you in mind. Come buy a bowl, taste an amazing soup and contribute to helping the homeless and the Idaho Food Bank.

Get all the tasty details below.

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