What is The Sun Valley Tour De Force
Yes there is a car show, a cruise, a comedy night but the main attraction is the high speed runs at Phantom Hill, where 3.2 miles of state highway becomes a no-speed limit zone
I'm Looking For a New (To Me) Car
People got me pretty scared about Boise winters. So scared, I sold my convertible before leaving Seattle. I think I'm in need of something AWD that can handle the potential snow, plus accommodate my guests and their luggage (I'm assuming everyone I know wants to visit me in Boise even thou…
Porsche Driver Identified
Saturday's near-fatal crash at Cars and Coffee Boise left many wondering what the cause was.

We don't have that answer yet, but police have revealed the name of the driver.
Porsche Crash Update
After Saturday's crash, there are many unanswered questions.

We now know exactly what police are investigating, and we have a statement from the organizers of the event.
New Car Fine
Be ready to pony up $100 every time you get caught doing this. Spoiler alert: It has nothing to do with using your phone.

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