The skill of driving is a relatively new one if you stop and think about it, right? The first American-made gas-powered vehicle was manufactured in 1893. A mass amount of people probably didn't really start driving until when? The 1920s and 1930s?

If we really want to bake our brains, most of us only began driving a piece of machinery that's existed for less than a hundred years in our high school years.

We're not supposed to be good at driving... are we?

While that might sound more like an unpopular opinion, think about it. While yes, our brains (most of ours at least) have all of the necessary functions to operate a vehicle, are we really supposed to be?

This isn't about going green either, this is simply to acknowledge that it's okay to be bad at something, but when it comes to driving - being bad at it can kill you or someone else.

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Thankfully though, there are signs that someone has no business driving and that's exactly what we asked you.

We would love to tell you that we got concrete, scientific data from experts to determine the traits of a bad driver but... we didn't. Instead, we got the next best thing - social media.

We asked the drivers of Boise to share how you can tell someone doesn't belong on the Boise roads and the responses didn't disappoint. But, how accurate are they? Let us know your thoughts here.

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