The Surprise Engagement Over Boise
Most people want to get engaged once and that's supposed to be the end right? Wait! Not the end like...lemme start over. You only get married once or at least that's...I'm obviously not good at painting this picture for you. I'll try this
Tawsha Box Wedding Planned in One Day
Planning a wedding is stressful and expensive and typically something we look back on and wonder why we made it such a big deal. With that in mind, I've decided that I'm not about that life. No regrets. Let's do this - in one day.
My Ex-Boyfriend is My Groom's Best Man
She may have been the "one that got away" for the guy who is now the best man in her wedding. Tuesday's Cruise & Box is a girl asking if she should tell her groom that it's not a good idea. The groom is totally cool with the situation.

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